This website exists to share the music of Alessandro Scarlatti and his contemporaries through editions, recordings, and discussion. It is based largely on the research of Rosalind Halton, Kate Eckersley, and James Sanderson. All of us are performer/researchers dedicated to turning manuscripts of long forgotten music into experiences of music and poetry interwoven.

Most of the music in the catalogue has never before been available in modern editions or recordings – we invite you to enter the world of this great vocal music.

Research alone is not enough to bring this wonderful music to life, so in 1997 award winning harpsichordist Rosalind Halton formed the ensemble chacona with violinist Lucinda Moon and cellist Jamie Hey as the nucleus of a group to perform works by Alessandro Scarlatti.

All of the music from this site is available through Cantata Editions. Help us bring the music to life!